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Mangere Bridge door repair

How to repair a damaged door.

When you decide to change the locks there is sometimes the problem of holes left behind by the previous locks. Unfortunately occasionally there is the problem of doors and door jambs being damaged during a burglary as was the case when we were  recently to repair a door in Mangere Bridge.  Castle Locksmiths will repair your door in either situation to be as good as or better than it was before. Here are a few pictures of a Mangere Bridge door repair done  recently. The method we use is to cut out all of the damaged timber and replace it with a new piece which is usually glued and screwed in place. We then sand it to a smooth finish,  re cut the door strike and  then paint the door or jamb so that there is a perfect finish. We also check that the door has been hung correctly and is not sticking.

I should start to take better pictures and also a final picture of the finished job but you get the idea.

Another Mangere Bridge door repair

A few months ago now a customer asked me to take a look at an internal door in their villa restoration. The door handles had been changed so often over the years that there was very little wood left to fit a new door handle. We repaired the door by cutting out the old timber using a router and chisel to give a smooth square finish to glue new timber to. We then glued in new solid timber. On this job the customer had the painters in so we left them to do the final filling, sanding and painting.

These old timber doors can be a real pleasure to work on as the timber is often nice old Rimu, even old pine can be good, as the wood is more closely grained and blissfully unblemished by knots and other defects.

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