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Want to know what I get commonly asked, here you go and if this doesnt cover it then make sure you call me on 02102777122


Why should I call a Locksmith ?

A trained locksmith will often be able to repair your lock which will save you the cost of buying and fitting a new one. A locksmith will also be able to advise you on whether or not you have the right product fitted to your home.

Why is Castle Locksmiths cheaper than the other locksmiths I have contacted?

As a mobile locksmith specialising in residential locksmiths we have kept our overheads low. Did you know that the machinery needed for automotive locksmithing can cost tens of thousands of dollars. That cost has to be spread across the whole business.

My child is locked inside the car, what should I do?

Call the emergency services by dialling 111 they will get there much more quickly.

What is re keying?

If you lose your keys or you are tired of carrying a large bunch of keys around you can have your locks ‘re keyed’ This involves replacing the small pins that give your lock its unique key. You can usually have all of your locks re keyed to just one key cheaply and quickly.

I have lost my keys what should I do?

If you have lost your keys then the cheapest solution is to have Castle locksmiths re key your locks. This saves you the expense of replacing all of your locks.