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Designer door furniture display

Designer door hardware.

I was recently asked to create some display stands for one of New Zealands largest supplier of door and kitchen furniture. Normally this would be a straight forward job but as this would be displayed at exhibitions and sales events throughout New Zealand the pressure was on me to make it perfect.
Fortunately all of the door handles had the same fixing so once the first one was worked out the rest were quite straight forward. Even so I felt the pressure to get it absolutely right. I always try my best but on this occasion I knew that these locks would be seen by locksmiths, builders and the general public for quite a while.
The designs were all quite modern and in satin chrome and the fixings were very strong as they consisted of both screws and through the door bolt fixings. Some came with a privacy fixing that had to be included although they could all be matched with keyed euro locks as well.
Happily everything went without a hitch and the door furniture was delivered to the customer before the due date so everyone was happy. I hope you like the pictures and if one catches your eye you can contact me and I will happily supply them.

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