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classic airstream caravan lock repair

Classic Airstream caravan lock repair

Every now and again as a locksmith you get to work on something out of the ordinary and so it was that I received a call to attend to a repair at a Mangere storage facility to repair the lock on a 1960s Airstream caravan whose lock had ceased to lock.

Finding it was the first challenge as it was located at the back of a factory unit in the airport district but thanks to its unique shape I did manage to spot it. The lock was a latch lock that still worked well as a latch and was pretty well made but when you locked it, it would not stay locked.

Removing it required patience and a little cunning as it appeared at first glance to have been glued in with sealant at some time in the past. Once removed I took it apart and cleaned of the 50 years of gunk before I could see the problem. Parts for this type of lock would be almost impossible to source and finding a replacement would be even more difficult as there had been a large hole cut in the door at accommodate the lock. We at Castle Locksmiths can get parts from America but a quick check showed that replacing the lock would be difficult.

A close inspection of the locking mechanism revealed a solution and I was able to get the lock working as good as new. Great fun if you like that kind of thing and fortunately I do. So if you have a caravan lock causing you problems or if you want to improve the often flimsy locking capabilities of modern campers and caravans give us a call. We can add deadlocks or even electronic locks to caravans and camper vans and best of all we come to you.

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