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Designer brass door knob installation for Eden terrace

The story so far

Return customers are one of the best ways that we locksmiths can know that we are doing a good job and I was delighted to be asked to revisit a villa restoration in Eden Terrace for the third time. This time the customer wanted me to install a privacy lock for the bathroom in keeping with the previous brass door furniture that I fitted in 2016. This turned out to be a real challenge for both my customer and myself. It is great when a customer knows exactly what they want and this time it was a brass door knob with a red/green indicator. I initially thought it would be a simple matter of ordering the same style of door furniture from the same supplier as last time.

The solution

Unfortunately they did not supply a privacy lock in the same style. Well, that is they did supply one, but it was not executed very well and totally unsuitable. I looked around for another supplier but in vain. So in the end I made one out of a standard door knob. This was no easy task there was no flat surface on the door knob. However eventually it was done and looked fantastic. Take a look at the pictures to see what had to be done to achieve this fantastic piece of renovation.