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Beautiful brass door knob in Eden terrace renovation

I enjoy a challenge so when a customer asked me to help advise on door furniture to enhance his villa renovation in Eden Terrace I jumped on to google to find the perfect furniture. My customer wanted furniture in keeping with the age of the house so my first job was to look at the architecture and date the house which turned out to be a classic 1920s villa. Some more digging around identified the door furniture designs from the period and the customer settled on a beautiful polished brass door knob with backing plate and Euro cylinder lock.

Now New Zealand is a small market and so finding someone to supply just the right handle made to just the right quality turned into a bit of a mission but my friends at Athco Lock Supplies were able to find a manufacturer who could make them but we did have to put in a special order to have the design brass plated as it was not a finish that is common these days. Customers can buy this or other hard to find products from us we will always try to find just what you want.

Fitting to the original Rimu doors was a dream as we locksmiths dont often get the chance to work on lovely old close grained wood. I think you will agree that the new door knobs look fantastic. the use of modern Euro cylinders means that the key is a modern pin tumbler rather than a cumbersome mortice key so that you get the best of the old and the new. Whether you want old fashioned style or ultra modern Castle Locksmiths will find you just what you want.



after Beautiful brass door knob  to enhance the classic Rimu door.

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